2021 Event Tickets

Our Gift to You

Our Partners see tremendous value in what we are doing, and they are generously enabling us to pass along all that value to you. 

Therefore, this event is now our priceless gift to you, from all of us at TEDxBearCreekPark.

All tickets are complimentary.  Nothing should hold you back.


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What to expect in 2021?

Three fast-moving hours is all it’s going to take to shift your thinking around some of our world’s most pressing issues.

Twelve carefully chosen speakers, each with an astounding idea, will lead you to seeing things differently, revealing new pathways to better choices and better outcomes.

You’ll leave feeling inspired and equipped to make lasting changes wherever you live.


Think differently. Accomplish great things. Our world needs the best from you.

Be there.

The Speakers

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Your Host

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