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Closing Ceremonies Photo Credit: Ray Shum

On January 21st at TEDxSurrey 2023, we did our best to present to you the best ideas and performances in the most engaging and entertaining ways we could thing of.

But it would have been all for nothing if not for you, our supporters and attendees. Over 800 tickets were issued to those who attended in person and countless others around the world followed us online. Your energy and attention carried us mightily throughout the event. Thank you!

You also affirmed to us that what we are doing is needed, worthwhile, and will be effective in making the transformations in our lives and communities that make life better for all.

When the TEDxSurrey Leadership Team met last May to kick things off for 2023, we had several objectives in mind.

But the primary one was this:

From within our own communities, find and organize the resources that only a TEDx team is best at assembling – the speakers, the partners, the coaches, all the volunteer teams – so that we could showcase the ideas and solutions that would speak to the unique needs and issues of our day.

By that measure, TEDxSurrey 2023 was a success.

We’re now turning our focus to organizing a series of smaller events that leverage the resources and capabilities of our team. These are TEDxSurreySalons, which feature conversations around one topic in depth in a more intimate setting. This arrangement we believe will promote audience interaction and engagement. We’ll keep you informed as the events approach.

Until you hear from us again, we wish you all the best in spreading your best ideas and generating goodwill wherever you live.

About TEDxSurrey

TEDxSurrey is an all-volunteer enterprise presenting some of the finest and most potent ideas for the betterment of our world from our home city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

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