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TED Applauds TEDxSurrey Speaker

2022 TEDxSurrey Talk featured on

TEDxSurrey speaker, Dr. Riley Moynes, has been elevated to TED’s global stage. On October 13, 2022, Riley’s TEDxSurrey Talk, 4 Phases of Retirement, was showcased on TED’s website.

Before this announcement, Riley’s Talk had been viewed over 1.23 million times on YouTube. Within hours of its appearance on, the Talk had picked up over 100,000 additional views. The Talk focuses on the psychological challenges most retirees encounter as they transition into this phase of their lives.

Over 3000 TEDx events are conducted each year, generating over 10,000 TEDx Talks. It is a rare for any TEDx Talk to be recognized by TED for its stellar production quality and for containing an idea that has relevance and impact for TED’s worldwide community. Congratulations, Riley, and to our Curation, Coaching, and Production Teams!

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TEDxSurrey is an all-volunteer enterprise presenting some of the finest and most potent ideas for the betterment of our world from our home city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

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