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Taking Time to Celebrate!


A common coaching aphorism goes something like this: “What gets rewarded, gets repeated”. If something is done well, and you want to see it happen again, then give it some heartfelt praise.

That’s what happened on the evening of September 21 at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel. Past speakers, volunteers, coaches, curators, partners, and the organizing Lead Team were all invited to celebrate how far TEDxSurrey has come from its humble beginning as TEDxBearCreekPark, just four events ago.

At the door was event organizer, Ellie Newell, who warmly greeted over fifty attendees. The evening was full of fine food, conversations, and reconnecting with friends who may not have seen each other in months or even years. For many, it was their first public gathering since the start of the pandemic.

As always, our host was Noel Bentley. He led us through a program of lively speeches and presentations. An audience favourite was a game of trivia that pitted tables against each other to answer questions about TED and our past events.

Ron Newell put the spotlight on each of our partners and thanked them for their unique and vital contributions to our organization’s success. Worthy of note, almost all partners continue with us from year to year. That’s a tribute to the value they see in supporting TEDxSurrey.

TEDxSurrey celebrates achievements at festive gala.

Licensee and Curator, Alan Warburton, chapter by chapter, recounted the grand story that has become TEDxSurrey. He once again cast the vision as to why this effort is our gift in service to our community.

Our entire collection of past Talks was brought to life in a dramatic reading, performed by the inimitable comedian and raconteur, Jacques LaLonde, who read and sometimes acted out the title of each Talk.

TEDxSurrey has produced 51 Talks and because two speakers were sometimes involved in single Talk, a total of 54 speakers have been selected and coached to stand on our round red carpet. That is a remarkable achievement that was justifiably recognized at our Community Celebration.

About TEDxSurrey

TEDxSurrey is an all-volunteer enterprise presenting some of the finest and most potent ideas for the betterment of our world from our home city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

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