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Storytelling at BCRTA

BC Retired Teachers Association invited Noel Bentley to give a keynote address.

TEDxSurrey Host and Program Director, Noel Bentley, presented a Keynote Address at the BC Retired Teachers Association’s recent annual conference on September 30. The title of his presentations was, “Someone Needs to Hear Your Story”. Approximately 150 members of the association attended the 90-minute session on September 30. Many others followed along online.

Noel is an accomplished and recognized storytelling coach and humourist. He enjoys encouraging and training others to tell their stories. In his presentation, he introduced the audience to the basic components of a story and, through several of his own stories, he brilliantly illustrated the benefits for yourself and others when people speak up and tell their stories.

His presentation included a listing of all the standard objections people have about not sharing their stories and he deftly dispatched each one of them. The workshop included writing and thought exercises and ended with an invitation to join him in a one-hour workshop to pursue this topic further.

The session generated many questions and much audience interaction. All reports are the workshop was well-received by the numerous attendees.

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