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The round red carpet at a TEDx event is reserved for those calling out for change. The call is to go, do great things, be better than you’ve ever shown yourself to be. Yet those on the red carpet have but one instrument, the transforming power of an idea.

The spotlight may be on the speaker, but the focus is on the idea. The speaker must transmit the idea with fidelity and integrity, handing it as a gift to the audience, to unlock and call forth the best from all who encounter it.

Please note: We are only accepting speaker applications from within BC.

This is for two reasons:
1) We want to respect the x in TEDx. Our event is locally organized and we want our speakers to be locally sourced.

2) We want all of our speakers to attend a minimum of 5 in-person coaching sessions before the actual event. This is unrealistic for people living outside BC but it is a very important part of our coaching process.


Here’s what our speakers have to say about their experience.

Prospective Speaker Information Sessions

 We will be holding two separate workshops for prospective speakers to learn more about TED and TEDxSurrey. If you wish to apply as a speaker, it is highly recommended that you attend one of the Information Meetings. There will be opportunities to meet the TEDxSurrey Team, get a taste of the TEDx speaker experience, learn the 4 essential elements of a successful TEDx talk, and find out more about the application process.

To be notified of dates and receive information about these sessions and the application process, fill out the form below.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Vivien Ip, Curation Team Coordinator, at