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Our Partners are the real heroes behind this event.  They are as committed as we are to using the power of ideas to better our communities. Without their tangible and unwavering demonstrations of support, TEDxSurrey would not be. 

We encourage you to support them as they have so greatly encouraged us.


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TEDxSurrey is a movement, a groundswell of positive energy harnessed and channeled to bring out the best in people.

We tap into that energy and help answer their question, “How can I help?” by sharing practical, hope-filled ideas that give people opportunities to use their gifts, talents, and influence to make a world of difference.  We are constantly amazed at how eager people are to do good. Sometimes they need only to be given a chance and some direction.

If bringing out the best in people is important to you, too, here’s how you can help.  Like any movement, we need fuel.  Your support, which can be delivered in a multitude of ways, maintains our momentum, and gives us courage to keep at this, year after year.  

Partners play a role in our success like no one else can and without our Partners, there would be no one else.

If you would like to be an integral part of this movement, we’d love to hear from you.