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Saturday, January 18th, 2025

The Bell Performing Arts Centre
Surrey, BC, Canada

The TEDxSurrey Team graciously invites you to their 5th transformative event!

If the cry of your heart is, “There has to be a better way“, you’ll find answers here. You’ll be surrounded by other curious, open-minded people who share your concern that things don’t have to stay the way they are.

At western Canada’s premier TEDx event, you’ll become enmeshed in a tapestry of dazzling ideas and come alive with the electricity that can only be found at a live TEDx event.

Twelve riveting Talks will carry you through a fast-paced program overflowing with Ideas, Music, and Movement. Jump in.

Nothing matches the excitement and energy of being there to experience 12 extraordinary speakers who are ready to ignite your curiosity. Join us for a day filled with inspiration, insights, and life-changing ideas.

Your ticket includes a delicious lunch, treats & refreshments, dynamic entertainment & energizers as well as a speaker’s corner, a bookstore, partner recognition tables and terrific Prizes.  Don’t miss this day. Bring your friends and family.

Be part of a unique adventure, connect with like-minded individuals, and drive positive change.  It’s the place to be in January! Get your tickets November 1st and ignite your curiosity.


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Tickets to go to the Bell Performing Arts Centre

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Tickets to go to the Bell Performing Arts Centre

To access the ‘Buy 9 & Get 1 Free’ Block of 10 tickets Offer, please call the Bell Performing Arts Centre Box Office at 604-507-6355.


Tickets for the Virtual Live Event are $9.99 (including taxes and fees).

Enjoy TEDxSurrey from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your living room with your family and friends.

Experience 12 ideas from your own community with the power to make a global impact, accompanied by Energizers and Entertainers, all within a fast-moving, 10 am to 4 pm program. Lunch is even included! Expect to be engaged, entertained, and to have your thinking shifted on today’s most important topics.

You’ll leave feeling inspired and equipped to make lasting changes wherever you live.

Think differently. Accomplish great things. Our world needs the best from you.

Be there.

What can you expect at TEDxSurrey?

You’ll experience a high-energy, invigorating, and uplifting event. It’s a fast-paced six hours designed to dazzle your eyes, ears, and mind and you’ll leave with new hope and confidence that tomorrow truly will be better.

Your Host

Noel Bentley

EMCEE & Program Coordinator

As the Host for TEDxSurrey, I’m fortunate to share the stage with amazing speakers who are so passionate about their ideas. Drawing on my experience as a Speaker, Emcee and Humourist, I’ll be your guide for the show again this year. Past audience members have told me how uplifting, professional and inspiring their experience was and that they’ll be back. I’m looking forward to you being part of this year’s event, too.


Rave Reviews

That’s enough talking about ourselves. 

Here’s what past attendees have had to say about TEDxSurrey

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Brought to you with the generous support of our Partners

Our Partners see tremendous value in what we are doing, and they are generously enabling us to pass along all that value to you. 

Alexandra Ford

Alexandra may have started her advocacy work at 11 years of age but circumstances shifted her life path from speeches and petitions to drugs and even experiencing her own exploitation. After her escape, she became passionate about educating herself in the social services field. Alexandra proudly obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminology, a postgraduate certification in victimology with honours, a diploma in community and justice services with honours, and most recently, a master’s of science in psychology where she graduated with the highest honours. It took a decade before she came to understand the exploitation that she had endured was human trafficking. This shock motivated her to return to her advocacy work and she co-founded a US-based anti-human trafficking nonprofit and became an international public speaker, sharing her story to help others better understand trafficking and exploitation.

Having spent years speaking and educating a wide variety of audiences about human trafficking, Alexandra’s true passion lies in getting back to the basics in order to prevent traumas like abuse, assault and trafficking. Her unique approach of taking difficult, even divisive, topics and making them conversational and adding humour where appropriate cultivates connection and understanding with all her audiences and has made her a sought after speaker and presenter.

Alexandra’s powerful voice helped ensure that the Medical Council of Canada will require trafficking related questions on the medical licensing exam beginning in 2024, ensuring all Canadian doctors receive education in trafficking awareness. She has recently authored her first book which will be available in the near future.

Aminullah Shirazi

Aminullah Shirazi, a Grade 10 French Immersion student at Panorama Ridge Secondary, is no stranger to the challenges of being a teenager in an ever-changing, post-pandemic world. After a year of pushing his boundaries, he’s eager to share his journey of embracing discomfort to conquer the concept he defines as the “teenage comfort zone.”

Aminullah’s life journey has been marked by change. Born in the UK and raised in Canada with Indian-Iranian roots, he’s experienced a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives. Having gone through so much change, Aminullah grappled with anxiety and perfectionism. Still, his perspective shifted immensely after his sister taught him a profound life lesson – to grow, it is essential that you embrace discomfort.

From active participation in community events, fostering spontaneity and competing in speech and literary arts, Aminullah discovered remarkable personal growth. Mistakes became invaluable lessons, and bad situations transformed into opportunities for building confidence. He recognized that especially for teenagers, venturing beyond the comfort zone is essential for development – a crucial lesson in a society that prioritizes comfort above all else. 

Aminullah believes that when we learn the language of our brains, which is rooted in action, we can quell the fight-or-flight response that holds us back. This realization fuels his ambition to delve into the study of psychology at UBC, where he aspires to deepen his understanding of human behaviour and emotions.

Andrea Neil

The first woman soccer player elected to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Andrea Neil is celebrated for her roles as a player, captain, and coach for the Canadian Women’s National Team. Her distinguished career included participation in five FIFA World Cups over 20 years: four helping to anchor the team’s midfield and a fifth on the coaching staff.

When she retired, she held the record for the most international appearances by any Canadian soccer player and was honoured with the prestigious Order of Sport award.

She earned a UEFA ‘A’ European Coaching License from Italy and established The Coaching Compass, a values-based approach to grassroots and elite development, leadership and team-building.

Dedicated mother to a son who also loves the beautiful game, Andrea is committed to nurturing the next generation and transforming the world of sports and society.

She envisions a world characterized by empathy, fairness, integrity, and respect, where leadership is synonymous with higher purpose. Alert to the ways sport can – and has – imperilled young people in this country, she is intent on fostering a coaching and leadership culture that protects all participants and helps them realize their full human potential.

Andrea brings the wisdom won in international competition to all realms, sharing her insights with people and organizations interested in cultivating effective, growth-oriented cultures.

Dr. Andrew Miki

Dr. Andrew Miki is a registered psychologist in BC with expertise in neuropsychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He has dedicated 30+ years to improving the lives of people struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression and empowering them to build the skills they need to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

In 2013, Dr. Miki founded Starling Minds™, a digital mental health company dedicated to using psychoeducation to reduce the stigma around mental health and provide personalized support that emulates the same work and processes he uses in his practice. Today, over 4.5 million people have access to Starling Minds.

He holds a BSc in Psychology from Queen’s University, an MA in Behavioural Neuroscience from Wilfrid Laurier and an MA Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from York University in Toronto. His clinical work and research have been widely published in leading scientific journals and featured in Forbes and Authority Magazine.

David Norwell

David Norwell is from all over British Columbia – growing up in Fort S.t John, Kamloops, Valemount, and Prince George, then completing his higher education in Victoria. His parents were both forestors and he grew up more outside than inside. During his 20’s he spent his summers in remote bush camps doing survey work, or on kayaking and cycle-touring expeditions.

David’s bestselling book: A Complex Coast: A Kayak Journey from Vancouver Island to Alaska was a finalist in the Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival. He has also illustrated four children’s books which are printed in the Tibetan language.

He has visited thirty-three countries, sailed across the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, trekked over the Himalayas with a kitten, and hitchhiked over two hundred rides. He is dedicated to understanding the human experience and sharing his findings. When not working on books, he is volunteering at schools, studying Buddhism, and practising meditation.

“ … my current focus is understanding the intersection of addiction, intervention, and mental health in an increasingly technological world. I think we need to widen our definition of addiction and dig deeper at the evolutionary roots that propel us through the day-to-day. More and more, I am spending time in meditation retreat environments, working to understand my wild mind and work through my own addictions.”

Carla Pellegrini

Carla has been privileged to centre her career of 15 years around creating positive social change through roles in community development, social finance and operations management. She is currently the Executive Director of Food Stash Foundation, a Vancouver-based charity that prevents good food from going to waste and provides dignified food access. Food Stash rescues over 120,000 pounds of perfectly good food each month and redistributes it through other nonprofits, a home delivery program for folks with disabilities and a weekly affordable market. Her experience in the food recovery sector at Food Stash is what informs her TEDx talk.

Prior to joining Food Stash in 2021, she worked for five years to help establish and grow New Market Funds, a B Corp certified impact investing firm in Vancouver focused on affordable housing and financing the nonprofit sector. Before moving to Canada in 2015, she worked abroad delivering agricultural products to smallholder farmers with One Acre Fund in Kenya, studying fish value chains with WorldFish in Zambia and supporting local English teachers with the US Peace Corps in Nicaragua. In her free time, she volunteers with her two rescue dogs through BC Pets and Friends and serves on various committees at her housing co-op. She holds an MPA in international development and operations management from Columbia University in New York and a BA in political science from Boston College.

Chelsea Minhas

Chelsea holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia, and has been with Covenant House Vancouver for over 16 years. As their Chief Program Officer, Chelsea is a mission- and values-driven leader, with extensive program design and implementation experience. In her current role, Chelsea oversees all program operations, acts as an industry expert for all levels of government, and is a sought-after trainer and speaker. Chelsea implements evidence-based practices that serve all youth with unconditional love and absolute respect, while also advocating for social policy change in the community. She believes that an investment in youth is an investment in community. Chelsea also believes that if we truly want to end youth homelessness, we need a shift in thinking, we all have a role to play. Chelsea grew up in the small, Northern BC community of Kitimat, and currently resides in Langley with her husband and two children, Amira and Axel. Chelsea is driven to change the narrative around youth homelessness and invites everyone to join this movement, because homelessness is the least interesting thing about them.

Josh Green

Josh Green embodies a remarkable blend of talents and ventures, making his journey truly dynamic and inspiring. Armed with degrees in both fine arts and business, Josh’s diverse pursuits have taken him across the world as a full-time actor and a seasoned comedian, entertaining audiences all over the place. Not content with just one path, he’s carved his own way by founding a series of successful and not-so-successful companies, from crafting cookie dough to dog-walking, Amazon drop shipping and event management. His ventures extend to the realms of travel and yoga instruction, as he imparts his knowledge at festivals across the globe.

Amidst his myriad accomplishments, Josh is presently authoring a game-changing book, “Level-Up Business,” which gamifies the world of commerce. A common thread through his ventures is embracing the “Why me?” syndrome, a concept he has grappled with since his early days performing puppet shows to his 4th grade class. By consistently pushing himself just beyond what he thought possible for himself, Josh has discovered its transformative power. Rather than viewing this negative self-worth as a hurdle, he regards it as a springboard for personal growth. His extraordinary life is a testament to the profound benefits that come with embracing this inner struggle with “why me?”

Michael Timms

Michael Timms believes that everyone deserves to be inspired and uplifted by their leaders at work. A best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker and consultant, Michael teaches leaders how to inspire greatness in those they lead.


Michael is the author of the book How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability which the world’s #1 leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith, called “the ultimate guide for embracing accountability as a leader” and is the basis of his TEDx talk.  His first book, Succession Planning That Works, received critical acclaim as “an invaluable guide for identifying, and taking advantage of, talent within organizations.”


Prior to forming his own consultancy, Michael was a consultant with Deloitte and an HR leader in the construction and manufacturing industries. Michael earned an M.B.A. from Utah State University.


When Michael is not helping leaders improve their game, he enjoys spending time with his family and going on challenging outdoor adventures in remote wilderness locations. His most recent adventure was summiting an 18,871 ft (5,752 m) mountain in the Peruvian Andes.

Mollie Kaye

Mollie is a published writer, communications and promotions consultant, fine artist, and seasoned stage performer— yet she spent much of her adult life attempting to fit in and fade into the background. As a single parent working from home, she found herself becoming more and more lonely and isolated. Four and a half years ago, she decided to make a 180-degree shift from fitting in to “fitting out.”

 As she experimented with showing up in public dressed in outfits that generated pleasant conversations with strangers, she noticed a measurable increase in her sense of belonging and well-being. She decided to make a deliberate practice of dressing head to toe in comment-worthy, mid-century ensembles one day a week, and calls this social experiment “Turned-out Tuesdays.” The project now has a worldwide following. She documents each outfit, and offers essays and practical advice about how to build more social interactions into daily life. 

Through her investigation of the scientific research documenting the dangers of social isolation and the health benefits of talking to strangers, Mollie has discovered that in all of human history, we have never before experienced such an extreme lack of in-person connection and community— and it’s actually killing us. As we face unprecedented changes and challenges as a species, we must individually and collectively become more adaptable, creative, and resilient. We simply must start talking to each other— and, Mollie says, wearing a hat is a simple way to begin, because “hats start chats.” 

Pamela Dangelmaier

Pamela is a highly skilled mindfulness practitioner, facilitator, and life coach. She obtained a Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Teaching & Learning from UFV, where she graduated with distinction. Pamela’s exceptional performance also earned her the Award for Outstanding Achievement in the MBTL program. Seeking to enhance her ability to assist her clients, she completed the renowned Wayfinder Life Coaching program with Martha Beck, becoming a certified Life Coach with ACTP accreditation. Showcasing her commitment to her profession, Pamela is a founding member of the Mindful Coach Association and a professional member of the American Mindfulness Research Association. 

Pamela firmly believes that accessing our inner wisdom is the key to leading a fulfilling life. She facilitates mindfulness courses that provide opportunities for this self-discovery. Through her life coaching sessions and motivational speaking presentations, she has successfully guided clients from around the world to unlock their unique potential and live happier, healthier lives. Pamela shares that the most valuable lesson she has learned is the power of intentional silence. She believes that silence can unlock a treasure trove of profound opportunities for insight, growth, and peace of mind.

In addition to her thriving coaching practice, Pamela has achieved success in various other fields. She is an e-commerce business owner, gardening expert, graphic designer, stage and film actress, and a novelist. She attributes much of her accomplishments to the application of mindfulness techniques. These practices have nurtured her creative ideas and empowered her to overcome challenges, reduce stress, and live with unwavering courage.

TJ Dawe

TJ writes, directs and performs new work for the stage. He’s been mining his life and ideas to create monologues and ensemble shows since the 1990s. He was named Touring Artist of the Year by the BC and Alberta Touring Arts Council in 2004. He co-created and directed The One Man Star Wars Trilogy, which has been touring the world for twenty years, including runs in New York, London and Sydney, and featured spots on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Today Show. His co-written play Toothpaste and Cigars was made into the feature film The F Word, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver. He helped Richard Dreyfuss create an interactive multimedia career retrospective. He’s had seven of his scripts published, as well as a humour book.

In 2016, he systematized his creative process in order to teach a college course on how to create a one person show, which he’s been leading ever since. He’s shepherded many people through the terrifying and enlivening steps of translating one’s ideas and experiences into stage shows.

TJ is a passionate student of The Enneagram (pronounced “ANY-a-gram”) — a personality typology that helps people identify and work on self-sabotaging behavior. He co-hosts The Enneagram in a Movie podcast, and is co-writing The Enneagram Guidebook for Actors and Writers.

As a satire writer, TJ’s had humorous articles published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Points in Case and The Beaverton. He wrote jokes for Scott Dikkers Around, a weekly stand-up comedy video series by Scott Dikkers, founding editor of The Onion.