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Making waves in our local community and beyond.

TEDxSurrey 2023 – What a Day!

Closing Ceremonies Photo Credit: Ray Shum On January 21st at TEDxSurrey 2023, we did our best to present to you the best ideas and performances

What is a TEDxSurrey Salon?

Salons focus on one specific idea, rather than a variety of different ideas that are presented at a regular TEDx event.

TED Applauds TEDxSurrey Speaker

TEDxSurrey speaker, Dr. Riley Moynes, has been elevated to TED’s global stage. On October 13, 2022, Riley’s TEDxSurrey Talk, 4 Phases of Retirement, was showcased

Storytelling at BCRTA

TEDxSurrey Host and Program Director, Noel Bentley, presented a Keynote Address at the BC Retired Teachers Association’s recent annual conference on September 30. The title

Taking Time to Celebrate!

A common coaching aphorism goes something like this: “What gets rewarded, gets repeated”. If something is done well, and you want to see it happen

TEDx Surrey: Doorway to A New World

By Peter Scott As I prepare for interviews and publicity for my new book on artificial intelligence, I find myself thinking about the beginning of

My Experience at TEDxSurrey

Have you ever had that moment when you realize what you are about to get into, is way bigger than you ever imagined?  Your heart races, body trembles, you ask yourself “What have I got myself into?” 

My TEDx Experience

The good news? I was selected as one of the 12…but with a caveat. As we were then in the grips of a global pandemic, there were travel restrictions in place which could prevent me from travelling from my home in the Toronto area to Vancouver where the event was to be held.