A Shot Of Positivity!

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By Alan Warburton, TEDxSurrey Licensee/Curator

If you had used the expression “Covid exhaustion” two years ago, no one would have understood what you were talking about. If you use it today, everyone understands and … many feel they are suffering from it!

We all know how challenging the last two years have been. News of fresh disasters seems to flow one after the other … pandemic, heat domes, forest fires, new variants, floods etc. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the positive.

And yet, for every piece of bad news we receive, I believe there are an equal number of beautiful ideas and initiatives created by some amazing people. We rarely hear about them, but these ideas provide us with a clear, strong hope for a better tomorrow. Yes, the future is bright with many wonderful possibilities!

What if you could get 12 of these exceptional people in one place at one time to share their compelling ideas with you? What if this could be done in a dynamic, fun environment? What if you were joined with many like-minded people ready to shift their thinking to ideas that will make a positive difference in the world?

Let’s consider some possible ideas:

  • Are you interested in learning from Dr. Lara Boyd, a renowned brain specialist from UBC, about what happens to your brain in a pandemic and what you can do about it?
  • Intrigued to learn from Ana Carrizales, a writer and filmmaker, about how to see the beauty in ugliness?
  • What about learning from ICU physician and the former Site Medical Director of Surrey Memorial Hospital, Dr. Rob McDermid, about the critical changes he sees as essential in our B.C. health care system?
  • Learn about the power of micro connections from a winner of the B.C. “Courage to Come Back” award, Suzanne Venuta, that you can use immediately to change your life and the lives of others? 
  • Are you fascinated to learn what lights people up sexually from Vancouver-based Dr. Petra Zebroff, an acclaimed sex therapist?

You can see all these people and SEVEN more at TEDxSurrey on Saturday, February 19th, 2022, from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm at the beautiful Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey, BC.

TEDxSurrey offers you the perfect antidote to all the negativity that surrounds us! You will experience inspiration, connection, fun, music, and tons of new ideas in one afternoon in a powerfully positive environment. You will leave feeling invigorated and with a renewed sense of hope for a better tomorrow.

The best thing is that you can attend this in-person event in a safe environment, where all Public Health guidelines will be followed to the letter, and tickets will be refunded if we cannot go ahead. So, no worries there.

TEDxSurrey has an outstanding track record over the past four years and is widely recognized as the premier TEDx event in Western Canada. Our commitment to providing a VIP experience for every audience member is at the heart of our work, so they feel important and valued.

Purchasing tickets for TEDxSurrey is simple. Go to www.tedxsurrey.ca and click on “Get Tickets.” When you buy tickets before December 31st, you will be entered into a draw for a brand-new electric bike (value of $2,500) donated by one of our incredible partners, Envo E-Bikes. Tickets are $69 (plus fees and taxes).

With the Holiday Season coming up soon, a TEDxSurrey ticket makes for the perfect gift – a gift that has the potential to change peoples’ lives.

We all need a break from the endless stream of negativity out there. TEDxSurrey is the perfect antidote. Join us on the afternoon of February 19th and receive the best shot of positivity you can imagine!

Will you join us in making a better tomorrow? 

See you there!


Alan Warburton

About TEDxSurrey

TEDxSurrey is an all-volunteer enterprise presenting some of the finest and most potent ideas for the betterment of our world from our home city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

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