TEDx Surrey

Saturday January 21st, 2023

A Shift in Thinking

Five Talks from our 2022 program receive global recognition from TED!

Around the world, over 3000 TEDx events each year generate tens of thousands of Talks. To have 5 of our 12 Talks recognized for providing “valuable and timely ideas” and showcased to TED’s global audience of 34 million subscribers is a mind-blowing achievement.

The speakers were: Ana Carrizales, Rob McDermid, Petra Zebroff, Riley Moynes, and Simon Donner. Collectively, these five Talks have already garnered over one million views.

Congratulations to our speakers, and the Curation and Coaching Teams for selecting and preparing them.

Click here to see the full playlist of all our 2022 talks.


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The Search is ON!

Could you or someone you know be one of our 2023 speakers?

Attend one of our Info Sessions (Aug. 24 or 27) to find out what it takes to stand on the round red carpet.

More information can be found on our “Become A Speaker” page.

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